EZYCash Account

Safe and secure, interest earning cash transactions!

The new EZYCash account offers the convenience of unrestricted cash withdrawals (up to the amount of cash deposited) and lets you earn interest up to 8% p.a on daily balance maintained, along with host of other benefits.

•    Initial deposit of MMK 10,000
•    Minimum balance of MMK 1,000
•    Deposits can be made in Cash only.  Transfers, Cheque Deposits not accepted.
•    Can be opened in local currency (MMK) only.
•    Passbook/Paper statement and e-Statement as and when requested.

•    Convenience and security 
•    Interest earned on deposit calculated on daily balance. Interest payment frequency – monthly
•    Cash withdrawal limits not applicable for this account (subject to providing sufficient notice)
•    Transactions will be allowed only at the Branch where the account is maintained.

Rates and Fees
•    Interest rate - 8.00% p.a. - Balance above MMK 1,000 million
•    Interest rate - 6.00% p.a. - Balance below MMK 1,000 million

•    Myanmar citizen aged 18 or over (Sole or Joint account) 
•    Sole Proprietorship/Partnership/Pvt. Limited companies registered in Myanmar.  

Documents Required
•    NRC Copy/Passport
•    Company registration documents
•    Identification documents (NRC / Passport) of the beneficial owners
•    Memorandum of Association / Article of Association (in case of Pvt. Ltd)
•    Partnership deed (in case of partnership company)