How we’re supporting our customers, our colleagues and our communities during the COVID-19 Pandemic

How we’re supporting our customers, our colleagues and our communities during the COVID-19 Pandemic


23rd April 2020


AGD have been monitoring the COVID-19 pandemic development around the world closely and we wanted to reassure our customers, colleagues and our communities that we’re undertaking the highest precautions to ensure that everyone remains safe.  

How we’re supporting our customers


One of AGD Bank’s primary focuses is to support our customers through this difficult time. AGD wants to reassure that all customers can manage their financial needs via Mobile or Internet Banking. AGD Customers can also use the Onepay mobile application. In addition, all AGD branches are providing normal services and offering more features to our customers during this time.


In all our AGD Bank branches:


·         Customers are asked to practice social distancing measures, such as using spaced seating, and encouraging the use of hand sanitizers upon entering the branch.

·         Mandatory temperature checks are to be undertaken for all employees and customers.

·         Remain open for normal business hours during this period.

·         All staff are required to wear personal protective equipment (PPE), including face masks and gloves for their own safety, and the safety of our customers.


AGD understands how important it is to be able to access the cash and banking services during this difficult time and we’re 100% committed to always serving the needs of our customers. We have implemented the following measures and will continue to support long after the COVID-19 crisis.


·         AGD is encouraging cashless transactions through our digital products such as mobile banking and the transaction limits have been increased for both mobile and internet banking.

·         We increased the ATM withdrawal limit from 10 lakh to 30 lakh per day.

·         We have waived late fees and credit card charges for the period March 26th – April 30th

·         AGD will waive late fees and penalty charges on new and existing hire purchase loans for both May and June as well as allowing deferred repayments for hire purchase loans in May.

·         We have lowered the interest rates for new loans as per the Central Bank of Myanmar and adjusted the existing loans’ interest rates based on historic performance of the loans.

·         We wish our customers to continue to earn a high deposit income at this time, which is why we have not changed the existing deposit rates.


For our corporate customers, we are enhancing our internet banking and mobile banking products by adding more features, such as faster remittance services from an AGD account to a non-AGD bank account without having to visit the branch. We will also be providing access for customers to review account statements via online banking.




For all AGDPay customers


For those customers who chose to use AGDPay, the following support has been launched:


·         We have increased All daily limits by 3x

·         AGDPay customers now have a 300lakh limit per transaction, with a total of 1500 lakh daily limit. 


For all Onepay customers


Onepay is THE lifestyle app that connects users and businesses directly and enables mobile financial transactions across one unified platform. Onepay has solid financial banking and is supported by Asia Green Development Bank Limited (AGD) as its banking partner.


As the official banking partner to Onepay, AGD Bank continues to support its customers via the lifestyle mobile application.


·         Onepay has increased all daily limits for low kyc users to 4 lakh

·         All verified users’ limits have an increased daily limit of 50 lakh.

·         Onepay is launching an integrated information service during the COVID-19 pandemic. Users will be able to access the latest news and information through the Onepay app.



How we’re supporting our colleagues


We are encouraging any employee who is not in good health, even from a common cold to stay and work remotely from home, and AGD is ready to aid with any type of medical emergency. 


AGD is implementing a 14-day self-quarantine policy for employees who have travelled back to their hometown or overseas during the Thingyan holiday to ensure safety of our employees. In addition, we are practicing the following measures:


·         All employees and customers will have their temperature taken at the beginning of each working day on entering a branch, head office or at any of the designated off-site locations.

·         All employees can take medical leave without the need for Social Security Board (SSB) recommendation if they are reporting the first signs of similar symptoms to COVID-19.  

·         Since 14th of March, AGD has begun practicing work rotation schedule to reduce the number of staff coming to head office, and branches and all non-essential staffs have been asked to work from home.

·         We have implemented social distancing rules across our branch network, and all frontline staff have been provided with PPE, such as face masks and hand sanitizers, face shields, etc.

·         We have asked our employees not to take public transportation to prevent potentially spreading virus and arranging ferries services for all employees who have been using public transportation.

·         Employees who had had contact with case-71 have been self-quarantine for more than 21 days and we are following the guidelines and instructions from Ministry of Health and Sport.

·         Our HR and Admin departments constantly stay in touch with all the quarantined employees and families to ensure basic needs such as foods and medicines are available.

·         Starting from 1st April, we have set up an alternative workplace at different off-site locations to avoid any congestion within head office building and to comply with social distancing rules.


How we’re supporting the communities we work in


AGD adopted preventative measures early to mitigate any risk to our staff and customers. AGD was proactive in implementing a work from home policy at an early stage in Myanmar.


We are pleased to announce that we have donated 1000 lakh (100 million Kyat) worth of personal protective equipment to the Ministry of Health and Sport to support their efforts in with COVID-19, which includes N95 face masks, x-ray equipment, surgical masks and PPE suits.


Additionally, the bank has donated protective equipment to hospitals at Naung Swe township in Shan state during this pandemic.



How you can stay safe


During this time, it is vital that everyone keep up to date with the latest government guidance including any Ministry of Health and Spot announcements. We have listed some hotline numbers that people can call if they need further information, or visit:  


·         Public Health Emergency Operation Center (Nay Pyi Taw) – 067-3420268

·         Regional Department of Public Health (Yangon) – 09-449001261, 09-794510057

·         Regional Department of Public Health (Mandalay) – 09-2000344, 09-43099526

·         Health Quarantine Unit (Yangon International Airport) – 09-799983833

In these unprecedented times, we would like to thank you for being an AGD Bank’s customer. Lastly, we would also like to thank all staffs for their ongoing dedication and hard work in such difficult circumstances.


The impact of coronavirus is being felt across the world and all of us at AGD Bank hope that you, your family and your friends remain safe.

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