AGD Bank Ltd signs MMK7.0 Billion loan agreement with Japfa Comfeed Myanmar Pte Limited

June 17, 2020

AGD Bank one of the leading financial institutions in Myanmar, announces a signing of a loan agreement with Japfa Comfeed Myanmar Pte Limited (“Japfa Myanmar”).                             

The loan agreement between AGD Bank and Japfa Myanmar will support the growth of communities across Myanmar by helping to support food production and livestock.

U Pyi Soe Htin, Chief Business Officer, AGD Bank Ltd, says “We are delighted to announce the signing of this significant transaction with Japfa Comfeed Myanmar Pte Limited. This marks another milestone for AGD Bank in fulfilling its aspiration to provide modern full suite banking services to regional companies with operations in Myanmar. AGD Bank’s vision is to provide a vitally important banking infrastructure and make a lasting impact on the future of Myanmar. This shows our commitment to building strong foundations for growth.”

Japfa Myanmar’s mission is to feed the population through integrated modern farming processing across the country. The principal business of Japfa Myanmar is the production and distribution of poultry feed. The company also involves in poultry breeding, hatching, and commercial and contract services. Japfa Myanmar is a subsidiary of Japfa Ltd, a public company listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange. Japfa Ltd has 50 years’ experience and employs over 40,000 people across an integrated network of modern farming processing and distribution facilities in Myanmar, China, Indonesia, Vietnam and India.

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