AGD Bank cares to grow.



Investing Into

The Future of Myanmar


AGD Bank is the bank that grows with you. This has always been our ethos.

To mark the 12th year anniversary of AGD Bank, we have launched an ambitious and far-reaching community campaign across Myanmar to invest in the growth and future of Myanmar.


Introducing AGD Bank’s GROW Campaign

Our new "grow" Campaign is a multi-region community campaign that will see a range of projects be implemented across Myanmar to improve water facilities, environmental issues, infrastructure, and tree planting throughout the country. AGD Bank will also be investing in select local community projects across Myanmar.

AGD Bank's "grow" CSR Initiative: Rakhine Relief Effort


At AGD Bank, our commitment to corporate social responsibility is unwavering, and our "grow" CSR initiatives embody this dedication. We firmly believe in safeguarding communities and fostering a better future for all. This relief effort exemplifies our mission to serve those in need, and we are immensely proud to have provided vital support during challenging times.

As part of our commitment to transparency and community engagement, we are delighted to share a recorded video that captures the heartfelt moments of AGD Bank's personal visit on 2nd June 2023. This video serves as an invitation for everyone to witness the profound impact of our collective efforts.

We have provided essential services to underprivileged communities that need assistance.

We are the bank that grows with you. With "grow", we are investing in key pillars of society that will help communities in Myanmar to always grow more positively into the future. We are investing in the children of today (via our work with orphanages), so that those children can grow up to prosper and create a greater future for themselves. We are investing in purified drinking water, as without access to clean water no human in Myanmar can grow properly and remain healthy. And with tree planting initiatives, we are giving communities in Myanmar the awareness of how important it is to grow plants and trees, to improve the ecology and environment.